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The NOBEL LAUREATE in Medicine in 1998, Dr. Ignarro, has concluded in his book NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent--Even Reverse --Heart Disease and Strokes that the difference between one‘s health and illness is often a question of how nitric oxide works in one’s body. NO can become literally a matter of life and death. See p. 51 of this book.text and photo: RNDr. Vladimir Hricik, CSc.L-arginine is an amino acid that improves the flow of the bloodstream because it is converted into NO in the body, which prevents the formation of blood clots causing heart attack, stroke, and lowers blood pressure. The scientific discovery of the century: we are able to influence the miraculous effect of the nitric oxide molecule ourselves.
NO is effective against:
- cardiovascular diseases
- diabetes
- erectile dysfunction
- cancer
- ulcers
- urinary incontinence
- infections
- Alzheimer's disease
- inflammatory diseases
- multiple sclerosis
- Dosage
At least 2 heaping teaspoons a day. After carefully examining the book written by Dr. Ignarro (Nobel Laureate in medicine) NO More Heart Disease: How Nitric Oxide Can Prevent-–Even Reverse--Heart Disease and Strokes and after two years of research and investigation, we have managed to create a product that we call L-COMPLEX, H-TECHNOLOGY.
Owing to my technology, which is a trade secret (hence Hricik Technology), we have managed to create a product with excellent results in reducing blood pressure, treating diabetes, urological problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been verifiably tested and we have evidence of a number of results supporting our claims. This product has been registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic under the reference number OVZ-35.1-24.11.2014- 64223 as a dietary supplement. The introductory price has been set 1 700 CZK (60 Euro).
For more information, please contact me on my phone No.: (00420)603-231-253 or (00420)702-946-420, or alternatively (00421)905-256-038 if I were in Slovakia at the moment.
P.S. Currently, we are running tests whether this product is also able to soften the skin and remove wrinkles. In the process of ongoing tests, I actually noticed the skin of our patients being significantly improved when taking the product.
Yes, we do have more information about the results of this product:
1.) A woman from Presov is in the last stage of cancer and was supposed to die more than a year ago. She even wanted to commit suicide. Now, after taking this product (2 teaspoons in the morning, 2 at noon, and 2 in the evening), which she still is, the woman is able to perform common household chores, goes shopping, does not think of suicide anymore, and is not nearly as tired as the year before.
2.) Many people suffering from diabetes point out their laboratory results have improved.rapidly.
3.) The values of many people with high blood pressure were ​​adjusted or improved substantially. There are doctors among this group, to whom their own patients, themselves taking the product, recommended it.
4.) We have also recorded a case of a doctor whose cholesterol levels have, finally after 5 years, become normal after 4 months of use.
5.) We have cured chronic fatigue syndrome in many people.
6.) My personal experience: I had a meniscal injury in both of my knees. I was in great pain, could barely walk and was scheduled for arthroscopy at the University Hospital in Prague - Motol. Before the surgery, I had been using 6 teaspoons of our product a day. When I arrived at the hospital and met with my surgeon, Dr. Valenta, he saw me walking without any difficulties or pain and recommended not to undergo the procedure unless the damage returns. To this day, I have no problems and can even do squats without troubles. It's incredible but true!!!

RNDr. Vladimir Hricik, CSc.
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